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In accordance with its new terms of reference the C'tee submitted its First Report on Dispute settlement, suborbital flights, use of satellite data (recent devs) and space debris in Washington at the 76th Conference of the ILA (April 2014). During this views were exchanged with the newly set up ILA C'tee on Sea Level Rise with which there was much common ground regarding the use of space technologies in the different areas of international law. Following usual practice, Part 1 of the Report -addressing dispute settlement, the use of satellite data in recent applications and the legal sides of space debris removal- was in charge of the C'tee Chair and Part 2 -on the legal aspects of suborbital flights- was addressed by the Rapporteur. The Washington session was well attended and included reps of the PCA and the US delegation to UN COPUOS. The C'tee will carry forward its work on the above topics for the advancement of concrete proposals to the 77th ILA Conference (Jo'burg 2016)

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  • Committee: Space Law
  • Committee Type: Current
  • Contact: Professor Maureen Williams
  • Address:
    Professor of Public International Law
    University of Buenos Aires
    Migueletes 923
    Buenos Aires
  • Fax: + 54 11 4772 3662
  • Email:

Committee Officers:

  • Professor Maureen Williams, Chair
  • Professor Stephan Hobe, Rapporteur

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Committee News

  • Professor Vladimir Kopal

    Professor Maureen Williams, chair of the ILA Space Law Committee, announces with great sorrow the passing of Professor Vladimir Kopal on 27 January 2014 in Prague. He was a longstanding and distinguished member of the ILA and its Space Law Committee to which, with the authority of his experience, he contributed over the years. He was 'special rapporteur' on the 'United Nations Registration Convention' at ILA London Conference in 2000 and attended many of our Biennial Conferences accompanied by his wife Vlasta. Their kindness and simplicity greatly endeared them to us all.
  • IISL Press Release October 2013

    IISL Press Release October 2013
  • 50 Years of Women in Space - UN COPOUS June 2013

    Professor Maureen Williams, Chair ILA Committee on Space Law was chosen by the United Nations to participate on UN panel in Vienna marking 50 years of women in space.
  • Press release IISL 2013-001 - New IISL Statutes

    On 14 March 2013 the new Statutes of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), which had been approved by the IISL General Assembly in Naples, Italy, in October 2012, were passed by the Dutch notary. Thereby registered officially under Dutch law, the Statutes entered into force immediately, as consequently did the new bylaws.
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