Joining the ILA

Membership of the ILA is open to anyone interested in international law. The majority of Members join through the various regional branches. If no branch exists in the relevant region, individuals are welcome to apply for membership of Headquarters Branch.

Each branch pays an annual subscription on behalf of each Member to ILA HQ. This entitles the Member to receive the Biennial Conference Report and to be circulated with other information which may be of interest from ILA HQ. ILA Members are able to attend the biennial conferences at a reduced rate.

Most ILA Branches hold their own events locally and several have their own committees which study topics in parallel with the ILA International Committees.

Branches may nominate individual members to sit on the ILA International Committees. Appointments are made by the Executive Council on the advice of the Committee Chairs and the Director of Studies.


Select the branch based where you live or work from the list on the Branches section (See Branches) and you will find details of the branch contact who will send you the relevant information.

If no branch exists where you are based you may join the Headquarters Branch. Please complete the application form below and send it either via email, fax or post to us together with an up to date CV and two letters of support on offical company letterhead from either existing members of ILA or other individuals in legal practice or academia who know you well. ILA HQ membership must be approved by the Executive Council which meets twice a year, usually in May and November.

Online HQ Application Form (please send your supporting documentation by seperate email, fax or post)

- Printable Headquarters Application Form (PDF)   ILA Headquarters Application Form (29KB)


In addition to the benefits offered by your local branch, members will:

·         Be part of an Association established since 1873 which has as its’ objectives the study, clarification and development of both public and private international law.
·         Have the opportunity to become involved in the various International Committees and Study Groups through which these aims are pursued (members must be nominated by their branch and have sufficient and relevant expertise in the subject area, decisions on membership admission is up to the individual Committee Chairs)
·         Receive discounted registration rates at the ILA Biennial and Regional Conferences and where relevant events held by the member’s branch.
·         Be sent updates on news and events that is relevant to the ILA in general or to the areas of expertise they have listed
·         Be part of a worldwide network of people involved in all aspects of International Law such as:
            o    Judiciary and  Senior Government lawyers
            o    Professors at leading Universities or Law Schools
            o    Practitioners of International Law (normally senior advocates)
            o    As well as less senior academics and practitioners and in certain branches the admission of                            students on a yearly basis

·         Have online access to:
            o    ILA Biennial Conference Reports (currently 2012 onwards)
            o    Members directory
            o    Search for ILA Members areas of expertise
            o    Member only discounts on publications, currently:
                                                                     - Oxford University Press: 20% discount 
                                  - Practical Law: complimentary access to the full text of 29 multi-jurisdictional guides                                            published by Practical Law Company.
                                  - William S Hein: offers change from time to time

 ·         Be entitled to a complimentary copy of the ILA Biennial Conference report when published on request (postage and packing charged)