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ILA Cypriot Branch Press Release - Lecture by Professor Symeonides on 16 August 2016

13 September 2016

The second event of the International Law Association (ILA) Cypriot Branch consisted of a lecture delivered by Professor Symeon C. Symeonides. It was co-hosted by Le Club

ILA Cypriot Branch Press Release - ILA 77th Biennial Conference 2016

13 September 2016

This was the first time that the Cypriot Branch ever participated in a biennial conference, given its recent establishment. The Cypriot Branch was represented by its President, Alexia Solomou, and one of its members, Diana Louise Constantinidou.

New Publication: Reconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance, Resources, Investment & Tra

06 September 2016

Reconceptualizing the Rule of Law in Global Governance, Resources, Investment and Trade (Edited by Photini Pazartzis and Maria Gavouneli with Anastasios Gourgourinis and Matine Papadaki) - Hart 2016. Comprising the papers presented at the 2013 ILA Regional Conference at Cape Sounio. 20% Discount to ILA Members using the code on the attached flyer.

2016 ILA Conference (77th), Johannesburg, South Africa

16 August 2016

The 2016 ILA Conference (77th) took place in Johannesburg, South Africa between 7 and 11 August. The event was well attended with over 350 delegates from more than 50 countries. At the Closing Ceremony on 11 August six new ILA Committee Resolutions were adopted and for the first time, three new ILA Study Group Resolutions.

Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger wins 2016 Justitia Regnorum Fundamentum award

07 July 2016

Dr Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger has been honoured by the International Justitia Regnorum Fundamentum Award for 2016. This award, founded by the Ombudsmen of the United Nations Human Rights Commission of Hungary in 2007, is granted for exemplary, outstanding achievement and professional activities carried out in the field of protection of human rights, including the rights of future generations, and is presented each year on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of the Ombudsman institution.

Recently Published: Towards a Universal Justice? Putting International Courts and Jurisdictions into

19 May 2016

Edited by Dário Moura Vicente and a foreword from Manuel de Almeida Ribeiro. The recent proliferation of international courts and jurisdictions raises a number of important issues ranging from the redefinition of the role of the International Court of Justice to the recent emergence of domestic courts as international jurisdictions. Towards a Universal Justice? Putting International Courts and Jurisdictions into Perspective, containing edited articles presented at the International Law Association’s Regional Conference held in Lisbon, offers a comprehensive overview of those issues and outlines challenges ahead for every branch of international law. Published by

Cypriot Branch: Press Release 16 May 2016

16 May 2016

ILA Cypriot Branch Member joins Study Group

Cypriot Branch: Press Release 16 May 2016

16 May 2016

The Cypriot Branch of the International Law Association is happy to announce two new members of the board. These are Nadia Kornioti (Events Manager) and Neoclis Neocleous (Public Relations and Marketing Manager). The Cyprus Branch warmly welcomes the new members of its team.

First Meeting of Study Group 'Content and Evolution of Rules of Interpretation'

05 May 2016

On 13-14 May 2016, the ILA Study Group on ‘The Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation’ will hold its inaugural meeting in Athens. The Study Group, which was established in April 2015 aims at examining the gaps in our understanding of the rules of interpretation as they stand now, as they have evolved through time and irrespective of the source of the rule being interpreted. The Study Group’s work will consist of a preliminary examination of the most critical issues and gaps in the context of the process of interpretation, offer insights and guidelines, and identify key-point areas in need of further elaboration by a future ILA Committee to be established after the completion of the Study Group’s work.

Protection of Privacy Committee - News March 2016

15 March 2016

Activity update to March 2016