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The ILA established a scholarship fund in May 2014 to help young individuals attend ILA Regional or Biennial Conferences. The first awards were made in September 2014 and provided scholarships to 8 young people who attended a Regional Conference in Lisbon. A further 20 scholarships were made for 20 young people to attend the ILA Biennial Conference 2016 in Johannesburg.

2018 Scholarship Awards for Sydney ILA Biennial Conference in Sydney 19-24 August 2018

The 2018 Scholarship Award Winners are:

- Vivek Bhatt (Australian)

- Carlos Bichet Nicoletti (Panamanian)

- Guy Jules Kounga (Cameroonian)

- Yonadi Meyer (South African)

- Mariana Monteiro de Matos (Brazilian)

- Mateusz Osiecki (Polish)

They have been selected from a very large number of applicants from around the world and we congratulate them on their selection


If you would like to make a donation towards this fund, please contact us at: info@ila-hq.org or use this: CAFBank International Payment Form (1247KB).

Donate to the ILA Scholarship fund here:

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