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ILA Portugal 2022

80th Biennial Conference - Lisbon

It is with great pleasure that we invite the International Law community to attend and participate in the 80th Biennial Conference of the International Law Association which is being organised by the ILA Portuguese Branch and will take place in Lisbon from 19-24 June 2022.

The programme includes sessions of the ILA Committees and Study Groups and a set of parallel panels where the main issues affecting the current status of International Law will be discussed. Information on the programme is available here https://ila2022.org/program/

Register today https://ila2022.org/registration/

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Membership of the ILA is open to anyone interested in international law.

Members join through regional branches. If there is no branch in the relevant region, individuals may apply for membership of Headquarters Branch.

ILA statement

Peace and Justice through Law

International law is key to peace, justice and development in a globalised world. Since 1873, the ILA's constitutional objective has been "the study, clarification and development of international law, both public and private, and the furtherance of international understanding and respect for international law".

The ILA aims to:

- bring together all interested in international law worldwide, from legal and mediation practice, the judiciary, academia, business and international, governmental and non-governmental organisations;

- foster understanding of international law both generally and, particularly through its scholarship fund, among young persons across the world;

- promote greater respect for and adherence to international law.

The ILA’s resolutions and the reports of its committees and study groups inform and influence the development of international law.

ILA Japan

Resolutions passed at the 79th Biennial International Law Conference

The 79th Biennial International Law Conference took place online from 29th – 13th December 2020. A total of seven Resolutions were adopted, six from ILA Committees and one from an ILA Study Group. Several ILA Committees and Study Groups also presented Interim Reports. See the list below:

  • Committee Procedure of International Courts and Tribunals - Final Report & Resolution
  • Committee Global Health Law - Interim Report & Resolution
  • Committee Implementation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Final Report & Resolution
  • Committee Role of International Law in Sustainable Natural Resource - Final Report & Resolution
  • Committee Nuclear Weapons, Non proliferation & Contemporary International Law - Interim Report & Resolution
  • Committee Intellectual Property and Private International Law - Final Report & Resolution
  • Committee Sustainable Development and the Green Economy in International Trade Law - Interim Report
  • Committee Human Rights in Times of Emergency - Interim Report
  • Committee Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance - Interim Report
  • Committee Submarine Cables and Pipelines under International Law - Interim Report & Annex
  • Committee International Securities Regulation - Interim Report
  • Committee International Monetary Law (MOCOMILA) - Interim Report
  • Committee Rule of Law and International Investment Law - Interim Report
  • Committee International Protection of Consumers - Interim Report
  • Study Group Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation - Final Report & Resolution
  • Study Group Study Group on Cross-Border Violations of the Rights of Children in Migration, Enforcement Mechanisms & Legal Remedies - Final Report
  • Study Group International Tax Law - Final Report & Mandate (new Committee)
  • Study Group Asian State Practice of Domestic Implementation of International Law - Interim Report
  • Study Group Role of Cities in International Law - Interim Report

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