The International Law Association (ILA) has adopted Guidelines and Policies and these are set out below.

Guidelines for Diversity of Conference and Panel Speakers

The International Law Association (ILA) aims to promote diversity on ILA speaker panels and conference programmes. The ILA recognises the valuable contribution to international law that is made by individuals of diverse characteristics, including geographic diversity, ethnicity, age, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability and economic status amongst others, in addition to the intersectionality of these characteristics. The ILA acknowledges the systemic bias that individuals of diverse characteristics can experience in progressing their careers in this field, as in other walks of life. Speaking at public fora is a valuable opportunity for researchers, academics, and practitioners to share their knowledge and increase their profile in the field of international law. As an organisation that is committed to equality and the rule of law, the ILA adopts the following Guidelines for Diversity of Conference and Panel Speakers, for application by its Regional Branches and Headquarters alike.

To download the guidelines click below:
ILA Guidelines for Diversity of Conference Speakers.pdf